• Total

    Knee Replacement

  • Rotator

    Cuff Repair

  • Total

    Hip Replacement

  • Partial

    Knee Replacement

  • Total

    Ankle Replacement

Patient Testimonials

You guys are superheroes!!

I went to see my good friend and hero Dr. Alter today for a follow up on my full left hip replacement that he performed in 2014. It seems it's holding up quite well! this man saved my life, for real. I am in awe of these medical professionals to say the least. You guys are superheroes!! Before my surgery i was having a hard time just grocery shopping. Now am back to running and racing and riding bikes and surfing and am so damm thankfull.

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- Mickey Garret

Thanks to Dr. Keen, Stan is back in action.

Hopefully I won't have to have my other knee replaced, but I know where to go if I do.

Going up and down the stairs was the hardest. Working as a courier for Florida Health for eight years, Stan was constantly in and out of his truck, carrying heavy loads. He suffered with knee pain for four or five years, and things got so bad that his left knee was actually starting to bow out, causing ankle pain and pain in his right knee. He knew it was time to do something.

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- Stan Yothers

Sue Ottman Grateful for Superb Care After Vacation Injury

Sometimes bad breaks morph into good breaks.

Sue Ottman can vouch for the latter, after a nasty fall at a friend’s house in Palm Coast netted her two right-ankle surgeries at Florida Hospital Flagler. The same accident also earned her an extended Florida vacation and extra time with some of her best buddies.

But, it also earned her admiration for Florida Hospital Flagler.

"I was so lucky that if it was going to happen, that it happened there,” said Ottman, a Red Wing, Minnesota resident, of her accident location."

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- Sue Ottman Festure