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Stan Yothers Testimonial

Thanks to Dr. Keen, Stan is back in action.

Hopefully I won’t have to have my other knee replaced, but I know where to go if I do.

Going up and down the stairs was the hardest. Working as a courier for Florida Health for eight years, Stan was constantly in and out of his truck, carrying heavy loads. He suffered with knee pain for four or five years, and things got so bad that his left knee was actually starting to bow out, causing ankle pain and pain in his right knee. He knew it was time to do something.

After visiting several orthopedic surgeons, Stan decided on Dr. Keen because of his specialization in sports surgery, and because he found the entire office staff so pleasant and encouraging. Within two weeks of his surgery he was walking with no pain, and the rehab staff even commented on the excellent job Dr. Keen had done.

Now Stan is walking three miles a day with his wife and dog Cici, spending time on the elliptical at the gym, and taking the steps with ease. He even recommended Dr. Keen to his hard-to-please sister-in-law, who is now going back for her second surgery.

Stan is "extremely happy" with his knee replacement, and he credits Dr. Keen and his staff with his excellent recovery.

- Stan Yothers